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Bsc. (Hons) Applied Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy, University of Teesside (UK)
ISST 3D Schroth Method Certified Therapist (Germany)
GEMT Dry Needling Level 1 Certified Practitioner (AUS)
Polestar Pilates Mat 1 (USA)

Caroline has been working as a Physiotherapist since 2009, with substantial amount of clinical experience in private centres and government hospital settings. She had the opportunity to complete her clinical placement in Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sandakan and then proceeded to work with Malaysia National Sports School in Johor as well as South East Asia’s first largest rehabilitation hospital in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Her journey to become a Schroth Therapist was driven with the observed benefits from using Schroth Method. Her interest sparked when she was assigned to treat children with scoliosis and found that traditional physiotherapy could not properly treat the condition effectively. She was then, introduced to the Schroth Method by one of her senior and began applying the principle into her treatment and it showed positive results. However, she knew it was not sufficient to treat with the principle learned thus, decided to pursue the full certification of Schroth therapy – to study scoliosis in depth which then leads her to organize the first Schroth Method course in Malaysia.

Caroline had the honour and privilege to invite Dr. Sanja Schreiber (Ph.D), Regional Instructor from ISST 3D Schroth Institute (Germany) who is also the owner of Curvy Spine Clinic (Canada) and also a prominent researcher in the SOSORT community who had won three awards consecutively for her research work. Much of the research evidence for Schroth therapy is contributed by Dr. Sanja Schreiber herself using the ISST 3D Schroth Method.

Caroline finds great satisfaction from treating scoliosis patient using the Schroth method and wishes to make Schroth Therapy accessible for all scoliosis patients to reduce the rate of surgery and reduce complications caused by it in adulthood.