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For optimum result using Schroth Method:

  • Start early at age 10-17 years

  • 15 – 35 degree , more than that case by case assessment needed with Physiotherapist (Schroth Method trained)

  • Risser 0-4+ or before completion of skeletal maturity (case by case assessment needed)

  • Optimal correction can only be obtained when structural deformities are not formed yet

  • Otherwise the main aim for Schroth Exercise is to prevent scoliosis curves from progressing further, avoiding surgery

  • For adult cases, despite the completion of skeletal maturity, improvement of physical appearance can still be achieved

Other factors contributing towards successful conservative scoliosis treatment are:

  • Consistency of patient own effort in performing exercises – COMPLIANCE

  • Strong family support and encouragement

  • Start Schroth exercise as early as possible before severe structural deformity is formed

  • COMPLIANCE to brace for moderate curves

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